“Committed to preserve the freshness of the pacific sea into your kitchens to make your seafood dishes to the next level.”


“Expert in the manufacture of safety assured foods as we keep on giving value to you and your lifestyle.”


“A visionary in the protection and enhancement of the existing supply of seafoods in the Philippines water.”


Phil-Union Frozen Foods, Inc. (PUFFI) manufactures pasteurized crab meat in cups and in cans, fresh frozen vacuum packed tuna cuts, headless shell-on block frozen shrimps and individually quick frozen peeled deveined shrimps, and other seafood products such as octopus and giant squid. Its market are in the USA, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia and Europe.

Phil-Union Frozen Foods, Inc has its affiliate company in Zamboanga namely Phil-Union Canning Company Inc. which produces canned sardines.

The manpower capacity of the plant is more or less 1,500 for every 8 working hours. It has the capacity to produce 6 tons of crab, 4 tons of tuna, and 5 tons of shrimp raw materials in a day. All facilities including the building are owned by Phil-Union Frozen Foods, Inc. (PUFFI), but its lot is leased from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. The company is rated as a large scale business, with a total lot area of 9,530 square meters; its buildings and all other permanent structures are equal to 1, 694.4 square meters. PUFFI controls all its supply chain operations from the different parts of the country, up to its main plant. All raw materials are transported in chilled conditions through domestic vessels and/or air freight to the port and airport of Cebu City. Raw materials are then transported to PUFFI main plant located at Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu for further processing.

PUFFI ensures that adequate facilities are provided to produce premium quality and food safety-compliant products.